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2007.10.13 (Sat)

[Info + Pics + DL] NEWS first Concert in Taiwan

NEWS at the airport! Kei has a so funny face ! xD & NEWS Concert

The concert of Saturday 6th was cancelled due to a major typhoon. The performance was the first of two evening concerts at the Taipei Arena in Taiwan, scheduled for October 6 and 7. Fans had already gathered near the arena by 9:00am, but staff were concerned about safety due to the approaching typhoon. By 11:30am, they made the decision to cancel the concert. To make up for it, a daytime performance has been added to the 7th, as long as weather permits. Luckily, the fans who went for the Oct 6 and didn't have their concert could have on Oct 7 :D

Download : [TV] 20071008 zoom in super - NEWS in Taiwan
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2007.08.25 (Sat)

[Download] Mezamashi 070823 + CMs NEWS for Russ-K

[TV] 070823 Mezamashi TV - NEWS for Russ-K CMs
• AVI format

Here all the CM of NEWS for Russ-K
There are 5 different CMs because there is not NEWS together but duet or trio but each members appears 2 times (Tegomasu, Ryo/Kei, Ryo/Shige/Tego, P/Kei/Masu, P/Shige).
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テーマ : NEWS - ジャンル : アイドル・芸能

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