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2008.03.13 (Thu)

Elegant Koyama 3rd Anniversary !

I was totally sick yesterday, I didn't have the strenght to put my butt in front of the computer !
so I'm 1 day late, but March 12 was Elegant Koyama 3rd Anniversary !

WOW ! 1st time I keep a website active until now ! It was one of my first websites I created which is still here ! I'm really happy to have continued until now and for people who supported me, ARIGATOU !

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu !
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2007.12.31 (Mon)

Elegant Koyama.Net

322 NEW !!!
Elegant Koyama becomes Elegant Koyama.Net !!!!

Update your Bookmark/Link to www.elegant-koyama.net

(except for this page News/Info who is on FC2 Blog,
the rest DL, Extras, Gallery are on elegant-koyama.net)

The old link
will be removed in 2 months (in March 2008)

and http://elegant-koyama.fr.tc
is still available but if possible update with the new link, thanks  290
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2007.12.16 (Sun)

New layout !

I changed layout for this new season, blue winter layout !

Hope you will like it !

The gallery is open !!! I didn't finish it and I must change layout in to the blue one because it's still the version 8.0 but you can already find scans inside. I added lots of scans of Kei and also of NEWS members. I finished to put all the scans of 2007, I put some of 2006 but I didn't finish yet and I will add all the pics they have on the old version in Archive. Scans of January 2008 are available ! The gallery requires to register before being able to view the photos. When you are registered, you can look the scans!

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2007.09.18 (Tue)

Elegant Koyama version 8.0

Hey guys ! 88

Welcome on Elegant Koyama version 8.0! 184 I changed layout, I hope you will appreciate it, the banner looks like a Host club ! Elegant Koyama Club !!!! xD But I like it, Koyama kakkoi ne ! 80
I didn't change layout of the galleries yet because I try to find a free gallery hosting/server but I didn't find a good one yet. The galleries are still opened but it's still the old layout :)
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2007.08.14 (Tue)

List Scans + DL Shonen Club

Easy to find on the blog:

July 2007 - Myojo, Potato, Duet, Wink Up
August 2007 - Myojo, Popolo
August 2007 - Duet, Potato, Wink Up

September 2007 - Myojo, Popolo
September 2007 - Duet, Potato, Wink Up

DL Shonen Club

Shonen Club 2007.06.03
Shonen Club 2007.06.10
Shonen Club 2007.07.08
Shonen Club 2007.08.05
Shonen Club 2007.08.12
Shonen Club 2007.09.02
Shonen Club 2007.09.09
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2007.06.18 (Mon)

Welcome on Elegant Koyama version 7.0

Hi people! Miyu here!
Ok, this is the new version Elegant Koyama. I didn't update since ~3/4 months, I'm really busy and miss time and it's a bit long to do update with the old version, so I still want to keep my website, and I worked on a new version who is more convenient for me and I can update quickly and more often. I wanted the site looks like a blog with still the different sections, galleries, downloads and all, but I want you to participate to the entries by writing comments or give your opinion. I chose FC2 because it's the only blog I found where there is no google ad, and I can chose between lots of layouts and you and me can use emoticones, that's cute, ne? Like this I can more communicate with all the fans and know some of you better, so don't hesitate to comment by clicking on the "Comment" near the day, under the title of the entry

I nearly finish the sections, as it's 2:00am here, I will add info and new stuff tomarrow
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